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Study Of Vocational Training Of Professional Animation Design And Production Program

Posted on:2011-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360305480855Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Nowadays, as the Animation industry is developing rapidly, the demand of the professionals in Animation is mounting every year. Considering this demand, a great many vocational schools establish animation-related major, such as animation design and manufacture to capture this great opportunity. However, as a relatively new major, they need to be refined and get mature. Many problems come to the surface recently. For instance, the teaching aim is indefinite, the students'professional abilities and morals are not high and the systematic design in practical training teaching is deficient. All these problems directly affect teaching quality, of which the result is that the students can not satisfy the requirement of society. The reason of these problems is attributed to the lack of training teaching, guiding ideology, practical basis and so on.This paper bases on action-oriented teaching concept and analysis of the problem existing in the practical training of animation vocational school, from the start to determine the objective of practical training. This paper design the practical training of this major by using the project approach to combine the teaching activity with the practice ,professional ability with cultivation of professional ethics and reduce the gap between schools and companies.This paper includes four parts:Firstly, this paper discusses the backgrounds of this topic, and it points out the common problems on animation and manufacture major and analyzes some researching achievements, the motives, the purposes and the methods of this paper.Secondly, it mainly includes three aspects as follows: First, it introduces the theoretical basis of animation and comics majors` design and manufactory majors` design, and discusses action-oriented teaching and the project instructional method. Secondly,it demonstrates the principles of training scheme and design process. Thirdly, it introduces the design process.The training design should bed based on the markets` needs, and then begins with the analysis of animation and comics trades. And establish the training objective of the practical training based on the analysis of ability needed in the animation manufactory. Thirdly, this paper analyzes the training plan on vocational animation and comic's manufactory major. The plan relies on the aim of development. It briefly formulates training aim, professional capability, equipment requirement, and analyzes the circumstance, method, assessment and so on from the process of animation design.Fourthly, this paper researches the practical problems on animation and comics major. It dependss on the training project and takes two-dimensional animation design as an example. It also analyzes how to put the training project into practice, and mainly evaluates the practical effects on students, teachers, and companies, and summarizes the problems on the process of training.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational Design & Production of Animation, action-oriented teaching, training program design, training design, training
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