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In The Process Of Urbanization In The Three Rural Issues To Explore

Posted on:2005-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152460054Subject:Agricultural extension
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All these years, the Three Farming Issues have gained more and more concerns from various fields throughout Chinese community. The peasants' own benefits are directly determined by whether the Three Farming Issues can be handled properly. To solve the Three Farming Issues boasts great significance to promote the integration of urban and rural areas and realize the blueprint of healthily and harmoniously developing the holistic economy on every aspect in the whole urban area or even the whole society. Through the methods of investigation and study, this paper analyzes the present situation and features of the Three Farming Issues that is Agriculture, Country and Peasants of Songjiang District. Furthermore, inspired by the successful peasants' transfer abroad, I find the ways and measures which can be taken to solve the Three Farming Issues of Songjiang District to speed up the construction of the integration of urban and rural areas. Residence registration system, land system and social insurance system can be reformed as the breakthrough point to improve the urbanization of the peasants; the process of the urbanization of the country can be supported by these industrial developments such as the development layout the city and industries, the speed-up construction of traffic systems between city and country and the deepening reform of administration management system. The modernization of agriculture should be promoted according to the purpose of urban agriculture. The style and features of modern urban agriculture should be carried out in conformation; its high efficiency and sustainable feature can be performed in the structure; the four major functions like production, biology, life and service should be emphasized; as for increment ways, biological increments, science increment, process increment should be focused on. With all the measures mentioned above, agriculture and the second, third industry can be developed interactively and agriculture can be integrated into production, biology and life. The policy suggestion and execution percepts put forward in this paper can be the reference data for the government institution to make decisions.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Three Farming Issues, the integration of urban and rural areas, Songjiang District, exploration
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