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Searches And Analysis Of Adminstrative Acountability Of Our Country

Posted on:2012-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S X JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330371955425Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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The essence democratic politics is responsible politics. The implementation of administrative accountability is a practice of symbolic significance for democratic politics The administrative accountability system is responsible government's main realizing form, its establishment is important performance for socialism legalization advancement, is inevitably request which the democratic politics develops unceasingly. During 2003 SARS period the accountability storm causes"administrative accountability"into a hot spot, administrative accountability oneself makes our country administration democratization reform an important direction.The use of documents under the law, comparative analysis and combing out the case is to study and practically analyze the main problem of our current administrative accountability, and find the direction and an illustrative solution. The article gets the information through extensive search for laws and policies, documents and information by an indirect way. With a thorough knowledge to the theory of the western accountability, and their ways of operation and the experience, through a body of the accountability and pockets the accountability, we can find out the advantages and weaknesses of the body accountability and preserved accountability.First the article systematically analyses the concept of the body accountability and preserved accountability, and lists specific measures of parts of the local governments, especially the cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha, Chongqing, Hainan,Nanjing and Shijiazhuang, thinks the body accountability is concrete, convenient and more efficient. And analyses the preserved accountability has the problems of democracy , fair and stability.The article thinks our country should work towards two aspects for establishment of the accountability, The first thing is to establish an independent agency of accountability; on the other hand, accountability mechanism must have an effective system and an perfect and scientific appraisal system for officials. And it will continue to improve the party's accountability regulations. The second is to continuously strengthen and improve the five main building of the accountability system. As organs and public institutions, people's congress shall be as the system to supervise and checks other state organs. Meanwhile, to adapt socialism political civilization, we also need judicial organs involves accountability, democratic parties attend accountability, news media collect information, and the public supervise accountability Strengthen and improving the body accountability and gradually build multiple accountability system adjusts to our current national conditions and has realistic significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Administrative accountability system, The coessential subjects accountability, The allogeneic subject accountability
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