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A Study On The Method Of Cultivating Students' Problem Consciousness In Ideological And Political Teaching In Senior Middle Schools

Posted on:2014-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the further implementation of quality education and new curriculum reform,teachers are supposed to insist on people-oriented teaching concept and fosterstudents’ self-reliance in learning, surviving and disciplined behavior in attempt tomake students become the master of self-learning. Teachers have increasinglyrecognized from these reforms that the development and enhancement ofstendents’question awareness attaches importance to enlightening students’ thinking,stimulating their passion for knowledge, developing their cognition, realizing theirprincipal status and cultivating their creative spirit and capacity through learning. Inthe background, how to train and strengthen students’ question awareness and ability,how to transfer their learning method in the ideological and political course of highschool have been attracting extensive attention. This also becomes a bottleneck forevery teacher specializing in high school’s ideological and political course.Although many educational specialists home and abroad have analyzed andresearched the fostering in students’ question awareness from different angle, fewstudies on how to use specific teaching method to foster students’ question awarenessand ability in high school’s ideological and political course are found and thesestudies are lack of focus. This paper will initially try to probe how to foster students’capability and creativity in questions’ finding, raising and resolving through utilizingseveral democratic, investigative and interactive teaching methods in high school.This move is expected to change students’ passive learning to active learning.The paper is principally divided into three sections. Section one includes thepreface which introduces the related points mentioned in the whole paper. Section twois also named chapter two, exploring the importance of teaching method in fosteringhigh school students’ question awareness and ability in the ideological and politicalcourse, the present situations of high school students’ question awareness andteaching methods’ utilization. Section three is made up of chapter three, studying onhow to use democratic, investigative and interactive teaching methods to foster students’ question awareness and capabilities.
Keywords/Search Tags:High school’s ideological and political course, Teaching method, Question awareness, Fostering
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