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Five-year Vocational Students Social Problem

Posted on:2010-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Higher Vocational Education in Jiangsu Province have cultivated a batch of hi-tech talents for the Jiangsu's economic construction and production line and been welcomed by the employing units and the society since 1999 when the first five-year vocational education students graduated . Practice shows that the five-year consistent higher vocational education has its unique advantages and it is an important education system which is moving towards maturity. At present, with the promotion of the popularization and expansion of scale of higher education, five-year vocational education has also shown a rapid development momentum. At the same time, five-year vocational education puts more emphasis on training students practical and efficient ability and students pay more attention to the application of professional competence and technical training, so some non-intellectual, non-technical factors, such as values, identification knowledge, behavior and other aspects of the study, don't receive due attention . Therefore, the five-year vocational students are weak in both self-consciousness and social cognitive ability .They get the low level of family expectations and social identity.This essay, students of Jiangsu City Vocational College (Zhangjiagang Campus)——afive-year vocational school for the specific object of study, mainly by taking the methods of the literature analysis, questionnaire surveys and interview analysis, tries to describe the social status of five-year vocational students accurately, to analysis five-year vocational students in the process of socialization characteristics and factors, and to explore the Countermeasures .The essay can be divided into six parts.PartⅠ, researching background, presents the background, the problems concerned, the scope of the study and researching methods.PartⅡ, literature review, recalls the general theory of socialization, analysis and explore the socialization of five-year vocational education students theoretically, which brings out both the definition of the socialization and socialization of five-year vocational students pointing out the content of socialization. The part also lists comprehension to a variety of knowledge for the purpose of providing a deductive framework about socialization of five-year vocational education students. PartⅢ, characteristics of socialization and factor analysis, studies the basic characteristics of five-year vocational students, points out the social factors and analyzes its role in the process of socialization.PartⅣ, case studies, by the means of questionnaire surveys and interviews and other means of analysis, researches the state of society about the students of Jiangsu City Vocational College (Zhangjiagang Campus) and also analysis various factors on the specific impact of socialization.PartⅤ, countermeasures, draws conclusions and presents positive significance and recommendations to the problems of five-year vocational students in the process of socialization. On the basis of strengthening students' professional skills, schools and home education will shift to the focus of individual socialization.PartⅥ, after study—thinking, gives the instructions on the reliability and statement of the essay and points the direction of the further study.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher education, five-year vocational students, socialization, characteristics, countermeasures
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