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Universities Of Science And Female Students Professional Values ​​and Career Decision-making Self-efficacy Of The Current Situation And The Relationship Between Studies

Posted on:2012-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330344950371Subject:Basic Psychology
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At present, the employment for college graduates has become a social problem. Particularly to the female graduates from science and engineering colleges, employment is more arduous. By means of questionnaire survey, this thesis targeting at the female students graduated from science and engineering colleges attempts to explore psychological factors affecting their job-hunting, such as career values, career decision-making self-efficacy, as well as the relationship between the two. Through the statistical analysis of the investigation data, the main conclusions have been reached are as follows:1. While affix importance to the three dimensions, which are used to measure career values, the female graduates from science and engineering colleges rank self-development as utmost important, hygiene factor as very important, and prestige-status as fairly important. Those female students share not so much differences in career values though they come from different schools. However, there are significant differences in terms of grade, student-origin and majors.2. On the whole, the female students act with a medium level in career decision-making self-efficacy, dimensions of which rank from high to low are, self-evaluation, information gathering, problem resolution, selecting-targets, and laying-plans. The career decision-making self-efficacy reveals remarkable differences in respects of grade and student-origin while differences are not so obviously visible when school and major are taken in consideration.3. Career values are positively related to career decision-making self-efficacy. To the female graduates, on the one hand, both of their problem-solving and information-gathering self-efficacy are of predictive significance to their career values; on the other, self-development factor and prestige-status, which belong to students' career values, may obviously forecast their career decision-making self-efficacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:science and engineering college female students, career values, career decision-making self-efficacy, employment
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