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China's Third Since The Social Transformation Of Competitive Sports Development Path

Posted on:2012-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2217330368489119Subject:Humanities and sociology
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This master's thesis is based on competitive sports in China development paths for the study of the main line, since the time defined in the third social transformation in China, namely:reform and opening up in 1978 to the present.By law, investigation methods, logic I use literature, secondary data analysis and other methods, to overview of the third social transformation in China's history and characteristics as a starting point, carding and refined since the third transformation of social development path of competitive sports in China and its characteristics, then clarified since the beginning of the third social transformation in China main problems in the development of competitive sports, concludes the path selection of development strategy of competitive sports in China. Can clearly review the development of competitive sports in China more than 30 years of success and failure, can find the problem, analyze the reasons for that paper raised correct points and key to the success of the study.Article focus of the study, is clarified the questions to guide the development of competitive sports development strategy of competitive sports in China after the Beijing Olympic Games selection. "Path dependence" issues, sports development path choice of subjects from the issues and the development of competitive sports in China cost question constitutes the author analyses the development of competitive sports in China-dimensional space. Analysis of a dimension is a dilemma at the practice level, that is, costs of competitive sports development is too large or too expensive. An analysis of the dimension is based on new institutional economics analysis on the path dependence of competitive sport development in China issue, trying to seek institutional innovation possible. An analysis of the dimension is system innovation of the subject, is discussion on the development of Chinese competitive sports models of innovation and breakthrough possible.Article difficulties of study, is the theory of social transformation and analysis of sports development paths of research to be specific. I select in the complex phenomenon of social transformation is the most common characteristic--taking economic construction as the Center, China's sports development path that corresponds to the show "to competitive sports for the Center, to the whole nation system for mode" feature. Grasp of this common vision, grasp the General characteristics of the third period of social transformation in China.Article of the Department of innovation, is the use of path dependence theory to analyze the problems of Chinese sports development. Path dependence was born in the new institutional economics theory to demonstration of competitive sports system innovation, do to the system of this hackneyed theme brings a touch of fresh air. Article suggested that success of competitive sports system innovation must set idea, government intervention and concerted action in one.The end of the article is to introduce the path selection of development strategy of competitive sports in China. Development strategy of competitive sports in China is the core of the transformation of "Sports Center" changes to "coordinate development of competitive sports and mass sports in"; "to the whole nation system-centric" changes to "Government, community, the third parties to build competitive sports." In practice, at the concept level from happy sad sports to sports changing; on the system arrangement of transition from competitive sports to sports; congzhong practical results at the theoretical level shift toward theoretical construction; at the practice level on capital investment, training to change from one model to multi-mode.
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