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A Study On Management Modes Of Speciality Construction In Universities And Colleges

Posted on:2013-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G W DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2217330374952723Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Since the reform and opening up in China, Chinese higher education career had got remarkable achievements in30years'construction and development,it is in a stable development period at present.<National long-term education reform and development plan>(2010-2020) clearly stated that,"to improve the quality of personnel training", and to achieve improving the quality of university personnel training must be through the major construction. Standing at a new historical starting point,how to implement the change from educational super powers country to dominant country,implement the change from human resources super powers country to human resources dominant country,deepen the research on the model of major of construction management,strengthening the major construction, have become the important issues in China's Higher Education Research and practice, contemporary.This study made systematic analysis and exploration for the model of major construction management in universities by the theoretical discussion,current situation research, case studies and countermeasures research. Firstly, the study strat with the the theoretical discussion,made the definition and the discrimination for the conception of major construction mangement,and analyse its characteristics, influencing factors and division basis particularly,and then, made the analysis for the construction management model,the strategic and project management model on a wide range.analyse their problens and shortcomings.Moreover,selected the major construction implementation of electronic science and technology in Tong ji University as the case, on the basis of research, analysed its management mode of operation, sumed up experience,made the description of major construction management model from the micro-level,got the related enlightenment for other universities.Finally,combining above research, put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions on the improving major construction management model.of colleges and universities in China from the view of establish new ideas of major construction management model,complete existing management model, explore new major construction management, and improve aspects of its associated management system and mechanism ect, respectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:specialty construction, management mode, suggested solution
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