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The Social Contradiction Which The Demolition Faces In The Process Of Urban-rural Integration And Its Solving Methods

Posted on:2013-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330398965445Subject:Public administration
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With the development of the integration of urban and rural areas, the social contradiction which comes from the demolition becomes increasingly prominent. The benefits of the house owners are badly damaged, the set visit and malignant security problems arising from the demolition are become more and more serious, and the credibility of the government continues to decline. According to the present situation, this paper uses Game Theory to analyze the interest competition between removers and house owners in the process of urban-rural integration, and analyze the factors how the demolition causes so many social contradictions from four aspects:the law, politic science, economics and sociology. The factors are as following:First, the corresponding legal system is not perfect. Second, the role orientation of the government is not accurate. Third, the protection for the land-lost farmers is not enough. Fourth, the positions of the interest parties are not equal. On the basis of the analysis, the paper mainly study there successful foreign experience of defining strictly "the public interest", justifying legal process, and clearing the dispute settlement mechanism, and put forward four measures for dissolving social contradiction. First, we should perfect legal laws and regulations, and should give consideration to both justice and fairness. Second, we should accurately orient the role of the government, and construct service-oriented government. Third, we should optimize the social security system. And then, we should value the organization force of the media to mediate the conflicts.
Keywords/Search Tags:the integration of urban and rural areas, demolition, socialcontradiction, defuse
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