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On The Issues And Countermeasures Of The Financial Misallocation In The Compulsory Education Between Urban And Rural Areas

Posted on:2015-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422469643Subject:Principles of Education
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Education financial resource, an important part of compulsory education resources, withthe character of higher liquidity convenience, plays the most typical and flexible allocationfunction in the effective, fair and equilibrium development of ensuring, generating, adjustingand guiding the urban and rural compulsory education. However, due to improperperformance and use of this flexible liquidity, it has adversely affected the equilibriumallocation of the resources in urban and rural compulsory education in our country, led to aclear imbalance of resources allocation in urban and rural compulsory education, andseriously affected the effective, fair and equilibrium development of urban and ruralcompulsory education. Understand objectively and grasp the real question of the educationfinancial resource in the allocation pattern of urban and rural compulsory education,scientifically reveal the genesis and hazard of the problem, seek an effective way out andcountermeasures to solve the problem, all of which become to be the key problems in theeffective, fair and equilibrium development of urban and rural compulsory education.This paper, using social investigation and literature method, based on a large amount ofauthentic data collecting, collation and calculation, through a number of quantitativeindicators such as total expenditure on education, budgetary expenditure on education, extrabudgetary expenditure on education and teachers’ salaries etc., reflects and analysesscientifically the status of financial resources allocation of China’s urban and ruralcompulsory education, reveals the true reality of imbalance of financial resources allocation inChina’s urban and rural compulsory education, as well as reveals the caused adverse effectsand harms on the effective and equilibrium development of urban and rural compulsoryeducation and the improvement of the education quality. The paper, facing the grim reality ofurban and rural compulsory education, deeply analyzes the basic reasons that caused theserious imbalance of education financial resources allocation in urban and rural compulsoryeducation, sharply reveals the deep influence factors of the imbalance development of China’surban and rural social economy, the long-term extending of Dual Structure System as well asthe biased misconduct of the urban and rural education policy. Lastly, the paper, pointing atthe serious harms and deep causes of the imbalance in urban and rural financial resourcesallocation, puts forward the strategic choice and detailed operation measures on reversing andsolving fundamentally the serious imbalance problem in urban and rural compulsory education. That is to say, make a decision to eliminate the Dual Structure System, focus onnurturing and accelerating the development of rural social economy, take the scientific unifyof education quality, efficiency and fairness as the strategic goal, focus of attention andbreakthrough to re-allocate the education resources. Fundamentally reverse and eliminate allkinds of practice in rural education financial resource allocation of difference, ensure the fullinvestment in rural education financial resource, and accelerate to realize the balanceddevelopment of urban and rural compulsory education.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban and rural areas, compulsory education, financial resources, balanced allocation
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