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The Research On Non-Balanced Allocation Of Material Resources In Urban And Rural Compulsory Education And Countermeasures

Posted on:2015-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422969640Subject:Principles of Education
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Compulsory education is a public welfare undertakings that countries must beguaranteed. The implementation of the compulsory education in our country has been nearlyhalf a century; it has made brilliant achievements. The implementation of compulsoryeducation plays an important role in improving the quality of the whole education system,improving the national quality, promoting education and even the entire social fair. Butcompared to the pace of development, there is an obvious difference. One of the main domainand the performance is the unbalanced allocation of material resources between the urban andthe rural compulsory education. We must pay much attention to this and carry out scientificresearch.This paper point out that rural ordinary junior middle school and elementary school’sinfrastructure, teaching facilities, equipment and other aspects of the educational resources arelagging behind the urban ordinary junior middle school and primary school. The unbalancedallocation of the educational material resources between the urban and the rural compulsoryeducation causes the unfair starting point, process and the result of education; it also causesthe prevailing of choosing schools, the shortage and the loss of teacher resources, the viciouscycle of urban and rural compulsory education’s non-balanced development. The unbalancedallocation of the educational material resources hinders the fair and healthy development ofcompulsory education.The reasons of misallocation of the educational material resourcesmainly include: the imbalanced development between the urban and the rural; the limitationsof education decision; the low position of the investing main body of material resources; theshortage of money; the supervision of the rural compulsory education material resources isdefective. To realize the balanced allocation of the urban and rural compulsory education’smaterial resources, our country should balance the regional economic level. In addition, thestate needs to strengthen the basic role of the government in the compulsory education,increase financial input to the rural compulsory education and improve the supervision andevaluation system of balanced development of compulsory education in our country.
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