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High School Thought Political Lesson Teaching "Going To Life"

Posted on:2015-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428473808Subject:Science education
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To make the class full of vigor and vitality, the teaching should be the one that connectto our actual life. The only way to achieve comprehensive, sustainable development ofeducation is to integrate education with social and focus on our students. The new curriculumreform of high school politics class has confirmed the feasibility of this teaching idea asteaching form is no longer a single knowledge infusion and pays more attention to is thefusion of life and teaching. The students’ life experience, life scenes and knowledgebackground lay a solid foundation on the “Going to life” senior politics class. To achieve theteaching goal of "based on the life, originates from life, applied to the life", the teaching wayshould be the one to arouse the students’ enthusiasm to participate in social practice andcultivate their ability to solve practical problems. However, there are still some“imperfections” in the life-oriented teaching. The teaching idea and teaching mode needfurther improvement. In this paper, we make an in-depth exploration and analysis of the“Going to life” high school politics class which is based on theoretical basis and myinternship experience in teaching. The end of this paper puts forward the corresponding lifeteaching implementation strategy.Research shows that: the idea that “Going to life” is advocated by contemporary highschool politics class. The core value of this class that making organic combination of teachingand life, paying attention to the students, using innovative ways of teaching is helpful tomake students comprehend knowledge, improve their ability, form the correct values on life.
Keywords/Search Tags:high school, life-oriented teaching, ideology and morality, teaching
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