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Investigation On The Pattern Of High School Chinese Composition

Posted on:2015-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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For a long time, an obviously tendency exists that improving the College Admission Essay’s score is becoming a very popular reality of the high school composition teaching. This has stifled the students’imagination and writing enthusiasm. Firstly, the pattern phenomena in the prose teaching assume the same model as the composition teaching. According to the different types of articles, the teacher trains students naturally or half unconsciously, to extract the relevant composition model, and based on this way to train students, it goes against the writing principle and reduces the scientific model of training. According to the established pattern by teachers, students find similar examples to achieve the required pattern composition sizes and dimensions. They all follow the pattern of the wind, without life and personality. Secondly, in the model of the composition of the university entrance exam marking, such as each essay scoring a time limit, by "first feel to the branch", with a score as the standard to move closer to "insurance", which actually contributes to the pattern of the high school composition teaching. In order to make the high school composition teaching really become the effective way to cultivate innovative talents, and further strengthen its scientific, it must break the pattern of teaching and training, so that each student can write from different "cultural" composition with unique personality and perspective. This requires teachers to "pleasure level","literature level","social level" and "the human level", step by step in cultivating good reading habits and ability. The second is to cultivate students’ability to observe, to guide students to observe carefully and purposefully, requiring the mobilization of students in a variety of sensory organs, the full range of feelings and experience, to nourish the heart. Again as to the requests of a topic, to portray the student’s personal feelings and experiences, training the exact expression and writing ability so as to be flexible. The last is to cultivate students’ability to think independently, so that students can process the related information according to the topic demands, and form the right perceive and judgment, then from perception knowledge to rational knowledge. At the same time the teachers should reform the existing problems in the work of the college entrance examination scores properly, in order to promote the high school composition teaching to a scientific track.
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