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The Empirical Study Of Guangxi Newly-established Colleges’ Service Quality Base On Students Satisfactory

Posted on:2015-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428985223Subject:Higher Education
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Newly-established colleges have been one of the most important part of Guangxi higher education, which provide lots of higher education services to students and make a significant contribution to the popularization of Guangxi higher education. At the same time, they have cultivated a large number of outstanding young talents for Guangxi, and even the whole country. Yet, the development of Guangxi newly-established colleges is difficult. Nowadays, education quality problem has been widely concerned. Hence, how to improve education quality becomes one of the most important problem in Guangxi newly-established colleges. To understand and solute these problems, a soundness index system is used. Presently, the theory of Guangxi education quality evaluation is still the "quality", they show more attention to final output of "talents" than its process. In the body of evaluation are government, colleges, employers and so on. However, presently education evaluation rarely hears what students "say". Being participants, constructors and consumers in higher education, students have practical experience and insights wisdom of the higher education development. Both from the view of self-development and protecting the interests of "target consumer" will change higher education college’s traditional ideal of quality. Providing students with more satisfactory higher education need to insist on "service quality" and ear to what they need.At present, customer satificatory has attained into higher education field, and its satisfaction testing has widely used in higher education evaluation both at home and abroad. As an important means in interior of college and government to learn higher education, there is also a group of scholars began working on it. However, there is not any paper about Guangxi higher education in publications, even seldom about the newly-established Colleges students’ degree of satisfaction. This paper mainly through the three Newly-established Colleges students’ questionnaires of satisfaction, and evaluate with the degree of satisfaction to research each part of education service quality index influence on students’ satisfaction. This also provide Newly-established Colleges even the whole higher education in Guangxi an easy, practical and manipulability testing method with a way of building bridges between colleges and students.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher education, Newly-established colleges, education service quality, Studentsatisfaction
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