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Study On The Changes Of Farmers’ Occupation In The Process Of Urban Rural Integration

Posted on:2016-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the reform and opening up, the social and economic aspects of our country have changed dramatically, and the occupation flow and transformation of the farmers has changed significantly.. Especially in recent years, with the degree of urbanization deepened, the improvement of the level of agricultural modernization and integration of urban and rural construction rapid development, farmers’ occupational mobility and differentiation also showed accelerated change situation, mainly reflected in professional farmer stratification has become more fine, agricultural professional characteristics of more and more obvious. But because in our country for a long time in the traditional agricultural society, after the founding of the people’s Republic of China and subject to the division of urban and rural dual economic society system, less employment opportunities for farmers, ways of employment, vocational skills and quality of their own needs to be improved, problems still outstanding, become influence China’s urban-rural integration process in narrowing differences between urban and rural areas and improve the income of the farmers, to ameliorate the problems for the life of a farmer. Rural surplus labor force transformation from traditional agriculture to non-agricultural industries and farmers into urban life turn and become urban residents, is a national economic and social modernization of the inevitable requirement. Our country as a rural population accounts for the vast majority of agricultural country, in the process of integration of urban and rural areas from the view of farmers career change and flow process of studying peasant problem, analysis of the status of occupational change in farmers and various issues, and based on the results of the research and the statistics of the survey data analysis put forward feasibility proposals for the farmers career change, has important theoretical and practical significance.Firstly some of the concepts involved in the thesis defines the in the research literature on a large number of books, and combined with the statistical analysis of the survey data based on, to farmer vocational change as the theme, in the process of integration of urban and rural areas as the background, with the rational choice, survival rationality sociological theory as theoretical basis, comprehensively makes use of urban sociology, rural social science and other related theory of Sociology of knowledge, first of farmers spontaneous career change process are summarized, analysis of the condition and the characteristic of traditional society in our country farmers’ occupational mobility and transformation. Then transition of peasants’ vocational status of China’s current urban-rural integration process are analyzed, and combined with survey data from microscopic layer in the face of the specific circumstances of the transition of peasants’ vocational analysis and research, to explore the relationship between the process of integration of urban and rural areas and farmers occupational changes. From both theoretical and empirical point of view, under the background of urban and rural integration analysis of occupational change in farmer decision-making behavior and its influencing factors, and in the basis of these studies discovers the existence of farmer vocational flow and changes in the process of the main problems. At last, according to the problems and the influencing factors in the course of the farmers’ occupational changes, the research conclusions and the relevant countermeasures are suggested.
Keywords/Search Tags:The integration of urban and rural areas, farmers, occupational changes
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