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Study On The Problems And Countermeasures Under The Comparative Perspective Of Urban And Rural Farmers’ Political Participation

Posted on:2016-08-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330479985976Subject:Administrative Management
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The supply of Political participation is an important content of the construction of service-oriented government and it is also a considerable responsibility of the government. To realize the Farmers’ political participation has important significance in promoting the integration of urban-rural, constructing the harmonious society,realizing the “China dream”. Public service system contains a variety of content, such as health caring, education, social security, and etc. Equalization is to make all citizens enjoy equal social rights in the field of public service.Farmers’ political participation is part of the Farmers’ political participation; this paper studies the Farmers’ political participation take the urban-rural Farmers’ political participation in Jiangsu province as an example. First, this paper summaries and analyzes the domestic and foreign scholars and experts’ theoretical and achievements on the Farmers’ political participation and Farmers’ political participation. Second, this paper star from construct theoretical, defining relate concepts of Farmers’ political participation and Farmers’ political participation,including community, Farmers’ political participation, Farmers’ political participation,putting forward that achieve the equalization of urban-rural public service plays an important role in the construction of the socialist harmonious society.Comprehensively expounds the three theoretical basis of article, has laid a solid theory foundation for future writing of the article. Then, to analysis the Farmers’ political participation in urban and rural areas of Jiangsu province, through the demonstration, we find the problems in the process of promoting integration between urban-rural Farmers’ political participation, like the relative scarcity of resources in rural areas under the dual structure 、 lack of understanding of the rural Farmers’ political participation、the weakness of the supply ability of rural public service, etc.Next, this paper discussed the reason why the problems of rural Farmers’ political participation from the macroscopic angle, not only the reason of system and policy,but also the factors of organization construction and management. Last, we combine the theory of new public service, justice, governance, putting forward the policy in the aspects of system level, like promoting the transformation of government function,enhancing the ability of the government’s public service、increasing fund investment,improving the difficult situation of rural financing, playing the dominant position of rural residents, realizing multi-cooperation supply of public service, etc. With the aimto further promote the equalization of urban-rural public service and offer advice and suggestions, accelerating the urban-rural integration pace.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban and rural areas, Farmers, Political participation, The integration of urban and rural areas
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