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English For The Mother Tongue Of The Students Tone "Ne" Of The Study Of Acquisition

Posted on:2018-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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It is a very important part of the modern Chinese language, and it is an important part of the function words. It is also an important part of the modern Chinese language.The correct use of modal words can make the sentence form a different semantic expression, "ne" is the use of relatively high frequency, but the meaning of a more complex tone of speech,and thus is an important part of modal teaching. However,it is not difficult to find that the focus of most scholars' research is on the whole study of modal particles, and the individual research on "ne" is not enough, so it needs us to pass On the tone of the word "ne" continuous learning and research, it is a more detailed analysis.Because in English, usually rely on intonation and order to express the tone of the sentence, so in English almost no use of modal words, so the object of this study will be selected as native speakers of English students, to conduct a questionnaire survey,analysis Summed up the use of the modifier "moderation" in the different sentences, and through the study of the modal word "ne" in the questionnaire in the errors,analysis of students in the use of "no" and "no" The use of "it" but with the "right" these two cases of the reasons for the error, and then summed up some of the relevant teaching strategies,and accordingly on the modal "right" to carry out the actual teaching design, hope for the modal .The teaching of Chinese as a foreign language to provide some reference.The full text is divided into five parts:Chapter One Introduction. The introduction part mainly introduces the motive and writing significance of the thesis, and elaborates the research method of this article, and finally summarizes the research of the modal word "ne".The second chapter, the meaning of the modal word "ne" and the acquisition of the situation analysis. This part of the author first summed up the previous study of the meaning of the modal word "ne",through the comparative analysis of whether the modal word "ne" situation, analysis of the modal "ne" the most important tone of the meaning is to emphasize and draw note. At the same time, the author through the analysis of the corpus found that, whether students or the tribe, for the modal word "ne" in the end of the sentence is relatively high, and the use of the end of the sentence is much lower than the frequency of the use of the end of the sentence The According to the data analysis of the questionnaire survey,we also get the same result, that is,the students are most proficient in the modal "moderation" at the end of the interrogative sentence, and the tone of the last sentence is often easy to be omitted or misused Other modal words, and then a detailed analysis of the students in the use of modal "ne" in the process of prone to the phenomenon of error, and its classification of the error.Chapter three : Analysis of the Causes of the Errors in the Modal Particle. This chapter mainly summarizes the reasons why students are prone to bias in learning the modal "ne" mainly through the error analysis of the questionnaire. The main reasons include external and internal factors, from the external reasons, mainly including the preparation of teaching materials, teachers teaching methods, the creation of language environment, and from the internal reasons, including the negative transfer of mother tongue, learning mentality and learning strategies and other reasons.The fourth chapter is the teaching strategy of "ne". The content of this chapter mainly based on the students' errors,targeted from the preparation of teaching materials and teachers teaching methods,as well as students learning methods and other three aspects of the corresponding teaching strategies, summed up in the preparation of teaching materials It should be noted that the text of the text of the modal "ne" grammar interpretation, practice should be targeted,should improve the modal word "ne" in the different sentence in the reproduction rate. Teachers in teaching methods,teachers can use comparative teaching methods, the use of relaxed and lively classroom language,design a variety of classroom activities. In terms of student learning, should have a positive learning attitude, make full use of communication tools around.Chapter five: the teaching design of modal "ne". This chapter makes a detailed teaching design of the modal word "ne", because the mastery of the modal word "ne" can lay a certain foundation for the later stage of study, so the teaching design selects Yang's comprehensive development of Chinese "For the teaching materials, from which to select the text for teaching design, students for the primary class English for the mother tongue of the students. The teaching design mainly includes the theoretical basis of the teaching design, the content and the object of the teaching, and the concrete teaching plan, and finally evaluates and refutes the teaching effect.
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