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Research On Normal Universities Educational Practice Curriculum System Construction In Preschool Education Major

Posted on:2017-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330485450280Subject:Higher Education
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Education practice course is the most direct path to strengthen the practice ability of prospective teachers. Practice Curriculum of preschool education major in normal universities is aim to cultivate and strengthen the education teaching ability and professional practice ability in the real situation. The teacher education curriculum standard refer to the teacher need to enhance the practical ability of practice, development and solving practical problems as a reflective practitioner. The kindergarten teachers’ professional standard point out the concept of paying attention to ability and constantly improve the professional ability in the practice and reflection. So, the country focus on the practice ability very much.This paper using analysis,interview and questionnaire to investigate the practice curriculum system of preschool education professional in five higher normal universities of Shanxi province.Putting forward the construction of "1236" practice curriculum system based on the "double standard" and theoretical for the existence question of practice curriculum system in higher normaluniversities of Shanxi province.It is "one goal, two platform, three security, six modules". One goal is to strengthen and improve practice ability, including the teachers’ professional skills and basic preschool education professional practice ability; Two platforms is college training rooms and kindergarten practice base construction. Three security is the government, universities and kindergarten contact each other of organic whole. The collaboration of "U- G- S(K)" is the strong support to achieve the goal and improve teaching practice ability of higher normal universities.Six modules is the education institute, trainee,exercise, practice, competition and professional associations. It content the preschool education professional practice each part of the course and practice link organically, thronging the form of diversified education practice practice to provide adequate experience for students.
Keywords/Search Tags:Normal university, Preschool Education Major, Practice Curriculum System, Construction
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