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A Study On The Evaluation Of Undergraduate Teaching Quality In China

Posted on:2018-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M J ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330545970637Subject:Higher Education
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Competition in the 21st century is the competition of talent,for the commitment to the task of personnel training,the quality of education is the lifeline.Since the expansion of enrollment in 1999,the scale of China's higher education has expanded rapidly and entered the stage of higher education popularization.In the new situation,people's attention to higher education shifted from quantity to quality,undergraduate education as the basis of higher education,its teaching quality is particularly valued.In order to improve the quality of undergraduate teaching,China began to gradually attach importance to undergraduate teaching quality assessment,have introduced a number of policies and measures.In general,China's undergraduate teaching quality assessment has gone through four stages:budding,exploration,development and perfection.At present,the evaluation of undergraduate teaching quality is based on self-evaluation of colleges and universities,and the publication of undergraduate teaching quality report is a summary of self-evaluation of colleges and universities,which can reflect the level of undergraduate teaching quality evaluation in a large extent.China's undergraduate education quality assessment has achieved some success,but also because of the focus on institutions of resources and hardware conditions and controversial.At this point,the rise of a foreign”student-centered" assessment mechanism,student engagement is more concerned about the student's learning experience and academic performance.The study of the national survey of student engagement(NSSE)based on the theory of Student Engagement is also evaluating the quality of undergraduate teaching and has achieved universal effect on a global scale.This paper chooses 30 undergraduate teaching quality reports directly under the Ministry of Education in 2014 as the research object,analyzes the report text from the perspective of student engagement,and thinks that there are two major deficiencies in the undergraduate teaching quality report,one is to focus on the school level ignoring the student level of investment,and second,a small number of schools began to pay attention to student engagement but still more one?sided,third,different schools focus on different aspects of Student Engagement.Which reflects three problems on the quality of undergraduate teaching evaluation:colleges and universities take the initiative to assess the weak consciousness,"student engagement" evaluation concept has not yet been universal,multi-assessment pattern has not yet formed three aspects.Based on this,this paper argues that colleges and universities should strengthen the sense of active evaluation,popularize the concept of "student as the center",and introduce the third party to participate in the evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Undergraduate teaching quality, teaching quality evaluation, student engagement, undergraduate teaching quality report
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