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Promote Service By Participation: Research On The Construction Path Of Township Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2019-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330545475031Subject:Public Administration
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The nineteen major reports of the Communist Party of China have pointed out that the main contradiction of our society has been transformed into the contradiction between the growing demand for better life and the imbalanced development of the people.With the continuous improvement of people’s life,the demand for public services is also increasing.Both in quantity and in type,public services are provided to public higher requirements.and in terms of quality,but also put forward higher requirements for the service,in this situation,building a service-oriented society and the growing public Demand to keep pace with the inevitable development of the situation.As the most grassroots level of our country’s administrative organs.the township government is also the implementation of the township people’s congress.In terms of functionality and status,in which our system of government,because the township government in its peripheral status,with the farmers there is a close link,With an important mission to revitalize the countryside,in the economic development organization,to maintain political management,social Service and other levels,have played a unique role.Therefore,it is of great significance to improve the functional organization of township government to solve the main social contradiction in our country.In this paper,taking Jinzhu as an example,from the perspective of citizen participation,analyzes the process of building service-oriented government construction,some of the practices and effectiveness,mainly multi-channel to increase citizen participation in multi-mode,while also analyzes the problems a series of problems and constraints,there are way too narrow for citizen participation,a mere formality;the ability of citizen participation is still inadequate,the low level of citizen participation in social organizations.At the same time on this basis,to explore the reasons for the existence of difficulties,mainly the impact of traditional bad political culture,the level of education and economic status of citizens and so on.Paper is to study countermeasures from the aspects of government,society and citizenship on the basis of the analysis in the presence of grassroots government in constructing service government on the issue,want to improve the quality of grass-roots civic engagement to promote the construction of service-oriented government in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Township government, Developmental-government, Service-oriented government, Participation, Construction
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