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A Report On The Consecutive Interpreting In A Seminar Between GDUFS And Guangda Trade City

Posted on:2019-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y ChenFull Text:PDF
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In terms of English-Chinese consecutive interpreting,an interpreter needs to be proficient in both English and Chinese so as to interpret correctly and completely.Actually,target language expression plays a significant role in delivery.Without proficient English or Chinese,interpreting provided by the interpreter may confuse the audience or cause misunderstanding.Based on GDUFS-Guangda Trade City Seminar,this report aims to analyze unidiomatic interpreted text and misunderstanding cause by target language expression.Specifically,the author analyzed four categories of unidiomatic expression caused by the definite article “the”,the demonstrative pronoun “this”,collocations and logical words.Besides,the author analyzed these errors through Error Analysis Theory,gave improved version and also illustrated the coping tactic used by her during or after interpretation.Through this practice and the analysis based on it,the author understands the role of target language expression played in delivery which will offer guidance to the author and other interpreting trainees in their future target language expression.
Keywords/Search Tags:consecutive interpreting, practice report, target language expression
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