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Research On The Writing Teaching Design In The Lower Grades Of Primary School

Posted on:2022-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2517306497450304Subject:Master of Education
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Language,one of the integral parts of human culture,is a significant information carrier and communication tool for human beings.Chinese Curriculum Standards propose to produce students capable of handwriting meeting their living needs,who can write standard Chinese characters in a proper way.Through more handwriting and reading,the rules of Chinese are grasped.So that it is necessary for Chinese students to cultivate their love for Chinese character and learn the profound Chinese culture.However,the current writing teaching design failed to emphasize the real value of teaching and language leaners' principal role,deviating from pedagogical original aspiration,which has posed a challenge to researchers and teachers to specialize writing teaching class.This paper mainly analyzes the existing problems in writing teaching designs in the lower grades of primary school,putting forward some better strategies based on the research basis and case analysis.For a start,it is an introduction to the theoretical cognition and necessity of writing teaching in primary school through literature collection and classification,elaborating research background and methods of writing teaching,which is taking center-stage in Chinese teaching in the lower grades.The second involves in investigating the existing problems of writing teaching design in the lower grades based on interview method and observation method,taking the lower grades in five primary school in S county as an example.Through the analysis of teaching contents,teaching objectives,teaching process and teaching evaluation,the paper explores the stem of scores of problems like arbitrary content selection,simple teaching objective and single evaluation.Finally,focusing on four parts of writing teaching,namely theme setting,organization construction,mode selection and evaluation implementation,this paper proposes some targeted and operable suggestions to solve mentioned problems,in the hope of providing reference case for teachers.Meanwhile,it is hoped that this study can enrich the theory of writing teaching in the lower grades,provide the direction for some Chinese teachers who are confused,as well as effective suggestions for writing teaching design.In addition,although the author has spared no effort to complete the research,there is still much room for improvement.For instant,due to limitation of the author's competence,the research scope only covers five schools in S county.
Keywords/Search Tags:The lower grades, Writing teaching, The teaching design
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