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A Study Of The Effects Of Physical Exercise On SWB Of Senior High School Students And Their Psychological Mechanism

Posted on:2005-02-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360122493641Subject:Human Movement Science
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Does the relationship between physical exercise and the subjective well-being(SWB) of senior high school students exist ?What kind of physical exercise pattern can positive effects have on the SWB? Will different kinds of training environment affect differently on it? What is the psychological mechanism physical exercise having on it? With regard to all these questions and the like, this research gives a relatively systematic analysis on the studies at home and abroad about the relationship between physical exercise and the SWB as well as the forecasted index, on the basis of which the shortcomings of the studies in this field and theoretical hypothesis model for the psychological mechanism of the influence physical exercise has upon the SWB of the senior high school students. Many methods have been employed to probe into this research, such as literature review, logics, questionnaire, interview, psychology survey, experimentation, mathematical statistics, etc.In the first place, a measurement list of the SWB of the senior high school students is laid out. On the basis of the conceptual understanding of the SWB, this research has done an open questionnaire survey about SWB on 106 senior high school students and carried out talks with 12 students of this category. The first draft of questionnaire is selected and edited by means of sorting out the results of the open questionnaire survey and the talks with the combination the existent similar topics in the measure lists from home and abroad. Entries of this draft have been added and deleted to make it a preliminary questionnaire after soliciting opinions and suggestions from 2 psychologists, 10 senior high school teachers and some senior high school students. The preliminary questionnaire is used to carry out a survey on 118 senior high school students. In the light of the results, item analysis is made upon each entry in the preliminary questionnaire. When the obscure CR value and the inconspicuous items of the relevancy between the topic and the total sum have been crossed out, the elementary examination questionnaire comes into being. The elementary examination questionnaire, the emotion equilibrium scale and the ordinary life satisfaction scale are used to survey 426 senior high school students. The outcome of this survey has been analyzed through exploration factors. Five factors have been taken out, with total of which is 5.547, 3.917, 2.772, 2.690, 1.864 respectively, cumulative 47.9%.The entries that have negative value below 0.3 of these 5 factors have been left out. Thus, a total of 35 entries make up the final questionnaire. After probing into the psychological construction and the authentic proof of the SWB of the senior high school students, the psychological construction model is put forward, which is validated by means of structural equation modeling. The outcome shows that the matching of this model is all right, the figures of which are GFI=0.886, AGFI=0.867, CFI=.925, RMSEA=0.041.At the same time, the consistency and reliability of this scale and the effectiveness of its context are also verified. As the results reveal, this scale is reliable and effective.Secondly, delaminating and random sampling are combined to make a survey on the relationship between physical exercise and the SWB as well as the forecasted index.2520 senior high school students have been chosen and measurement tools such as the self-editing scale on the SWB are employed.1968 copies of effective questionnaire have been withdrawn. The changing samples of life events variable, which have the greatest impact upon the SWB, are eliminated. The rest of 803 samples are under scrutiny to understand the relationship between physical exercise and the SWB. Next, take the gender difference and school classification as the control variable, as they both have impact on the SWB of the senior high school students, the relationship between physical exercise and the SWB has undergone the Multivariate ANOVA with the results as follows. l)Physical exercise on one's own initiative or otherwise...
Keywords/Search Tags:physical exercise, subjective well-being, senior high school students, psychological mechanism
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